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Wash and Be Clean

MD Notes (your weekly dose of motivation)


During this time of pandemic, regular handwashing is one of the best ways (1) to avoid acquiring and getting infected by COVID, (2) to remove the germs, and (3) to prevent the spread of germs or virus to others.

Whether you are at home, at work, traveling, or out in the community, handwashing is essential and will help you to stay clean and to protect you and your family.

WASHING is not only for physical cleanliness and safety.

WASHing is good to remind and help maintain your emotional and mental health:

Be WATCHFUL of the TEMPTATIONS around you and discern if it is good and helpful for you


START TO CONNECT with your friends and create a caring/support group among them

HUMBLE YOURSELF and reconcile

WASH yourself from guilt, hurts, resentment and with other emotional baggage so you can be clean and can start anew.


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