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Strengthen your Relationships

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Presently, most of us are still stuck in our own home and limited in meeting with our friends and colleagues physically due to pandemic. This quarantine has led us to be isolated with people physically but it doesn’t mean we cannot connect emotionally.

Even when we are just at home and physically doing a social distancing, we can still Connect Emotionally. RELATIONSHIP is not only strengthened by physical meeting, but it is deepened by consistent keeping in touch emotionally and spiritually. Make use of Social media and technology to strengthen your relationships even during this time of pandemic:


Be BRAVE and BOLD in handling your relationship.

Every relationship entails sacrifice but no room for giving up and letting go. Accept each other's weaknesses and appreciate one's strengths.

Be FAITHFUL to the person you are in relationship with.

Whatever season of life you are in, even when you are confused and hurt, stay with him/her/them. Stay close and keep in touch with him/her/them. Pray for one another and let our God be the center of your relationship.

Be FEARLESS in facing challenges.

Struggles are there to test your bind with each other. Let your love for each other be stronger than the worst storm that will come your way. We need each other especially in this difficult time in our life. It will help us to face anything and everything knowing that someone is there to help and be at your side.

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