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Like a Child

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

MD Notes (your weekly dose of motivation)


When you listen or watch the news today, you will hear a lot of negativities happening around us. In the news, we will hear increasing number of cases of COVID, hospitals are in full capacity, mortality rate is speeding up, barangay lockdown is heightening up - everything becomes so heavy that caused anxiety to a lot of people.

However, we should not let ourselves succumbed by all of these negativities. We need to condition ourselves and have a disposition that radiates goodness, positivity, hope, and encouragement.

Even when the world is bottoms out, you can still enjoy life. You just need to have a CHILD-LIKE ATTITUDE:

C – Be Cheerful…enjoy life. Nourish yourself with happiness and peace than grudges and resentment.

H – Be humble… accept your reality and limitations without giving up. Let yourself be reminded that God is in control of everything.

I – Be Interested … look around you, widen your view, never go idle and be indifferent especially to the needs of others.

L – Be Loving … cultivate love than regrets. Love without expecting anything in return. Be the living witness of God's love toward us.

D –Be Durable… you cannot change the situations around you, try to be enduring and flexible. Prayer will help us overcome the hardships in life.

Like a child, we fully entrust our whole self to our Lord. We let God be in control of everything and submit ourselves to any possibilities knowing that God will never harm us. Our Father hears us and knows everything that we are going through. Never be dismayed or felt abandoned.

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