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MD Notes (your weekly dose of motivation)


This pandemic has brought us a lot of challenges and difficulties in life. Sometimes, the reality of what is happening around us limits us paralyzed us in one way or another.

Let us not focus on the challenges, rather let us take a small steps to be free of anxieties and other negative vibes by being OPEN:

Overcome your fear and believe in yourself. Open your ear and listen to the voice within you and start to discover your giftedness.

Persevere in prayer and strengthen your confidence in Jesus. Prayer is the only weapon that will help you win the battle in life.

Examen your consciousness and maintain a positive disposition. It is good to always be in touched with your feelings, check and evaluate where you are to help you see clearly the future that awaits you.

Nourish yourself with love from your family and friends. Surround yourself with beautiful people who can influence and motivate you positively.

Remember, this pandemic will come to an end and your life must continue. So choose to OPEN your HEART and all will be well for you!

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