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This program presents a heartfelt conversation where a young individual shares their story with a listener, who may be either a layperson or a religious figure. Inspired by St. Augustine’s Confessions, this dialogue represents a seeking of clarity, guidance, and healing on behalf of their peers. It aims to offer comfort, heartfelt advice, and reflections, emphasizing the Church's role in accompanying individuals in their struggles, providing unwavering support.

 The show is not intended to replicate the Sacrament of Confession.

Premiere Episode

The Roundtable Discussion

Gender Identity Series

Episode One   I   True Identity vs Gender Ideology

Episode Two   I   Chastity vs Desires


Younger Catholics are increasingly disengaged from their faith, posing a significant challenge for religious leaders and communities. Understanding the reasons behind this drift and finding ways to re-engage them is crucial. Additionally, there's a growing emphasis among those who remain in the faith on practical expressions of their beliefs rather than traditional forms of worship.


In response, Emmanuel TV Network - Philippines, alongside the Office for the Promotion of the New Evangelization, is launching programs tailored for younger audiences "The Confessions," aimed at reigniting their interest and fostering a vibrant renewal of faith.

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